Mr. Schwalm's first semester science class wanted to adopt acres of land in Brazil to try and preserve the rainforest. Each member of the class (could have) brought in a dollar or two to raise the money. Their goal was four acres, but the students wanted to help the planet so much, that they made enough money to adopt FIVE acres! Why did they want to adopt so much land? In the rainforest, there are many unique animals and plants that are found no where else in the whole world. Some scientists and doctors found that some of these rare creatures can be used in medical treatments. Every second, a rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed. If we want to preserve these unique creatures, we need to preserve the rain forests. Not to mention that the plants in the rain forests produce 20% of all the Earth's oxygen. The rain forests are important and we can help kept them safe by adopting acres. If you want to know more, visit SaveNature.Org.

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