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Book Fair

Sutherland's annual book fair is in progress. There are sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comedy, and even cookbooks. The book fair is held in the Library Media Center, and will be taken down on April 30, so go to the library, and buy yourself a good book to help support the library.

5K run

Sutherland had its annual 5K run Thursday the 26 for students with PE on black days, and will have it on Tuesday the 8 for students with teal day PE. The students will or have run the 3.1 miles at their own pace, but the top finishers are awarded prizes, and all students are entered into a raffle drawing. The PE teachers are still asking for donations for prizes, so support the school and donate a prize for the 5k.

Roaring Twenties Bulletin Board

Ms. Bergin's history classes have made paper people from the 1920s. Jazz musicians, dancers, illegal alcohol gangsters, flapper girls, flagpole sitters, athletes, nightclubs and more. They posted the people on a bulletin board at the entrance to the seventh grade hallway. If you're in the school, check out the Roaring Twenties/ Jazz Age bulletin board.


Come to the LAST SCHOOL DANCE this Friday from 4-6!  There will be food, drinks, dancing, bball and other games.  Check out the video to see what might happen if you don't come........

ICA- outdoor sports

For ICA many students went outside to play softball, kickball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, go for a walk, and lots of other active sports.

ICA- indoor activities

The students who stayed inside for ICA did activities like jewelry making, jewelry box painting, computer games, hula-hoop making, knitting, guitar hero, archery, scrapbook making, fashion design, and more!

ICA- fossil hunting

For this ICA Ms. Gum did fossil hunting. Each student had a cup of (what looked to be) sediment and stone, but when they looked closely, they could separate the pieces into what they really were. They found ancient shells, sharks, whale, dolphin and fish teeth, tiny vertebrae, various bones, stingray barbs, fish tails, crab claws, coral, amber, dental batteries, and more!

General music class

The sixth grade general music class had some very interesting visitors. They had the opportunity to play and listen to instruments, some of which they had never even heard of before. There were rattles, drums, dried bamboo that was rubbed with a chopstick and other percussion instruments. This was one very exciting class.

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