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Helping verbs song

Mr. Frankfurth taught his class the helping verbs song to the tune of jingle bells. They all had a great time learning and singing.



Sharks Supporting St. Jude's!

Way to go sharks! As a school we raised 2,291 dollars that we will be donating to cancer research. Here is a video of the Corn hole tournament that helped to raise a lot of the money.


Sutherland had ICA today and everyone had a blast doing different activities like games,crafts,computer games, wreath making, and cookie making, and some even choose to watch the teacher vs students basket ball game.

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Spirit Week

This week is spirit week at Sutherland! So far it has been a huge success. Everyone has a different way of showing spirit for the school. Monday was crazy hat and hair day. Tuesday was dorky day and Wednesday is pj day. Join in on the fun Thursday and Friday with wacky tacky and dress to impress day.


Cornhole Tournament

Hey sharks! Join us this Thursday for the annual Mustache Madness Cornhole Tournament. Admission is only five dollars. There will be food, drinks, and music for everyone to enjoy. All proceeds from the event go towards cancer research.  So far Sutherland has raised over $1,500 and we have eighty two teams registered to play in Thursday's tournament!!!  Currently favorites are the Schwalm/Frankfurth team and the Collier/Robinson team. 

8th grade symbol designs

Recently the eighth graders created symbols designs which exhibited their understanding of contrast, balance, and value. Below are a few examples!


Spirit week

Sutherland is having its 3rd spirit week! Get pumped because Monday is pajama day, Tuesday is twin day, Wednesday is person swap day, Thursday is Disney day, And Friday is valentines day! Show your spirit for Sutherland and dress up for the spirit days. Looking forward to seeing some school spirit!

SCA election

Recently Sutherland had our 2013-2014 SCA election. All candidates did a wonderful job campaigning! As a school we selected Jenn as our president and Morgan as our vice president. We are very excited for another great year full of spirit days and fundraisers thanks to the SCA!

Jenn(left) and Morgan(right)

Our other SCA representatives are:
Rachel... Social director
Kacie... Recording secretary
Alex... Treasurer

A Perfect Balance with Kevin Reece at the Paramount

The seventh graders at SMS went to The Paramount Theatre to watch a one act play about Alexander Calder (the inventor of the mobile) performed by Kevin Reece.  The performance focused on Alexander's struggles to find his niche in the art world and process of creating a masterpiece.  In creating his masterpiece Alexander failed numerous times but never gave up although going the easy way of doing something that had been done many time.  Through trial and error Alexander final created the mobile, and in this case Kevin created a 17ft structure that took up most of the stage.

2nd DANCE!!!!!!

We had another groovalicious dance at Sutherland, home of the sharks!!!! Students enjoyed the snazalicious music and hanging out with their friends. Join us for the next dance hosted by the sixth grade on November 16th...


7th Grade Career Expo at JPJ

The entire 7th grade went to the John Paul Jones arena on Wednesday to take part in the career expo.  All of the exhibitors did a phenomenal job of developing interactive initiatives that the students could participate in to learn what types of work they do in their field.  After getting to talk to all the exhibitors the students went to a presentation from employees at Lexis Nexis and current High School students.  The presenters from Lexis Nexis talked about work-place readiness and Albemarle what students should be working on now to make them more desirable candidates from jobs when the time comes.  They facilitated a couple of activities that they do with their employees to help with team building and communication skills.  The high school students spoke about their high school experience and what the transition was like for them going from middle school to high school.   Overall everyone had a great time.

Here is a video of just some of the exhibition booths.


The first dance of the year was a huge success. It was a hopping time, with a full crowd and tons of amazing dance moves. Keep the music moving!!!

This Friday is the next dance. Superstar DJ Cle Logan will be here dropping the hippest beats.

Show up or here's what your missing out on....


Today was the second ICA day for Sutherland! It was a rainy day here at Sutherland, so most of the activities were inside. But that didn't stop the fun from happening.
Keelin creating a magificant necklace.

Maddy making a B-E-A-utiful pot!

Basketball in the cold!


Here are some more of the amazing Sutherland ICA activities...

Making frames in crafts

Jude personalizing his colorful hat!


Friday was the first ICA day of the year. ICA is an hour at the end of the school filled with activities, clubs, and games. Students always look forward to ICA!! We had karaoke, frisbee, and many other activities.

Sing your heart out at karaoke.

Ultimate frisbee... so fun!

Skating around the town with a friend.

Have fun in the sand, without traveling to the beach!

New pacer record

Congratulations Emily on beating the school pacer record. Emily beat her previous record of 96 by 2 points. Way to go!!!!!

Country Creations

Ms.Bergin's civics class has been working on creating their own countries. The purpose of the project was to gain a better understanding of the intent of a constitution. Here are a few examples...

You could live in the Country of Courtagail in one of the five districts.....

If you love sports you would love the United Sports of Athletes.......

Does having a beaver as a dictator sound fun? Live in Happyland.......

Sharks are back in the Reef!!

Schools is back in session and we've got some excited people in the building. Can't wait to see what these kids can accomplish this year. We've got a new group of kids running the blog this year so be sure to check back frequently

Student Shout-Out

Students, just because it is the end of the year does not mean school is over! Teachers still expect you to try your hardest. Summer is almost here, but you still have to do your work!

SOL Study Skills

The Virginia Standards of Learning test are here, and the students are working hard to be ready. Here are some extra reminders and suggestions for these test takers:

-Get plenty of sleep the night before. Being exhausted will not help you on the test!
-Eat a good breakfast
-Be prepared, and make sure to study
-Don't stress out about it
-Relax and do your best

7th Science Trip to Green Adventure Project

71 7th grade science students attended an overnight field trip last Thursday and Friday with the Green Adventure Project at Triple C Camp in Charlottesville.  Everyone had a great time over the two days with way to many highlights to put in the video.  Thanks to all who helped out with the trip especially the Green Adventure Project staff.  Enjoy the video!

The Albemarle Jazz Band

Last Monday, April 15th, the Albemarle Jazz Band came to perform for the Sutherland students.  It was a great performance and we enjoyed it a lot.  To start the show, the band members stood in the stands with our students to give the feeling of them being a part of the performance.  It was exciting to see Sutherland alumni coming back to school to perform.  Thank you to all band members who came to Sutherland and gave us a great show!

Need a reporter?

Need a reporter? Not to fear, the bloggers are here!! Just let us know and we will come to your classroom to report your story. It will be posted on the blog, and then everyone can read about your event! Talk to Mr. Schwalm or come in at sharktime. Thanks!
-The bloggers

Cheesy Postcard Contest

During spring break, Mr. Schwalm had a contest to see who could find the funniest/cheesiest postcard! Catie was the victor of this contest.

Congrats Catie on winning your own Sutherland customized t-shirt!
This ICA, sharks enjoyed making decorative boxes for Mother's Day, getting creative with painting pots, playing computer games, and just hanging out with friends. 

Fun at ICA

Today was an exciting day for the students of Sutherland. It was ICA day. There were a multitude of activities to choose from to have fun. You could be with your friends, or have fun with an activity on your own. Some of the activities were cookie making, flower planting, karaoke, lego building, and box making. It lasts an hour at the end of Friday to let the students have fun once a month.

Hanging with friends during cookie making.

Planting flowers to liven up the front.

Singing your heart out with a friend or two.

Lego building craze!

Look at that box!

Book Fair

The book fair is coming up next week, Monday April 22 to Friday April 26. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Pinned by Sharon G. Flake, Beware the Ninja Weenies by David Lubar, Legend by Marie Lu,  and One For the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt are just a few examples of interesting books that will be sold.

Sutherland Talent Show

The talent show is Friday, April 12th!! Get excited to see the amazing talent at Sutherland!! Good luck to all of those performing.

Student v. Faculty Volleyball Game

Here is a video clip of the student v. faculty basketball game that took place today after school.  The girls volleyball team had a very strong showing today, good job lady sharks!!!


The Sutherland Blog along with the Yearbook club is giving away a free t-shirt! We are holding a contest to see who can find the cheesiest post card from their spring break (woohoo!) travels. All you need to do is bring in the card or mail it (2801 Powell Creek Dr Charlottesville Va 22911) to Mr. Schwalm. A panel of very qualified judges will choose the cheesiest post card and award that student with a free Sutherland t-shirt.

Here are some of our previous winners.

Good Luck and enjoy the break!!

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Family Activity Day for St. Judes

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday after school to participate in the family activity day to support St. Jude's hospital. There was a great showing for both the Cornhole and 3 on 3 basketball tournaments. The Chris B., Sam W., and Voshon C. team took the gold medal in a very competitive 3 on 3 basketball tournament. The highlight of the night might have been the sudden death foul shot shoot-out with Aiyanah hitting the game winning shot!

Not as much drama in the Cornhole tournament as the Schwalm / Frankfurth combo won the championship over a stellar Patterson / Parmiter (P2) team.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support an amazing cause, the event alone raised $737.78 to help families of children who have cancer.

8th Grade Superlatives

Congratulations to our superlative winners!! It was a very tight contest in all categories! You can find their pictures in the fabulous yearbook; along with many other amazing pictures!!!

Most Fashionable: Sam and Isabella
Most Likely to be President: Benji And Sydney Winterton
Most likely to be in the Olympics: Austin and Aiyanah
Most musically talented: Anthony and Maddie
Most likely to be a millionaire: Benji and Hannah P.
Most spirited: Gage and Aiyanah
Best smile: Drew and Lauren
Best friends: Chip & Jack B. and Kathryn, Lauren & Sara M.
Most likely to have a talk show: Yuri and Caroline
Most photogenic: Drew and Leticia

Be sure to buy a yearbook, they are on sale for only a few more days! Forms available in the office.

Come save a life, or two, at the Spring Fling!

This Saturday, March 23rd, is a Spring fling. It takes place at Dover-Foxcroft Farm, which is next to Spring Hill Baptist Church. It is at 1:00-4:00 PM. It is lots of fun. There will be Easter egg hunts, moon bounces, games, entertainment, food, and a silent auction. Come to support two little boys, and also many other kids with Fanconi Anemia. It will be lots of fun and (if you are 18 years or older) you can be tested to find bone marrow matches. There will be a cheek swab to see if you have a match! So come support a great cause! To find more information visit this website,
Location:Dover-Foxcroft Farm


Today was ICA and the students had an hour to do any activity of their choice.