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Library Renovations

The library has been and is still being renovated. The wall were painted, the tables and chairs were rearranged and there was a shelf/seating area on the back wall. There is even a brand new lounge area in the front of the library were you can read amazing books while still relaxing. Recently installed were two short range projectors and a 50" television. They are still working on putting more books on the back shelf and doing the finishing touches.

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Coffee House

Do you like coffee and music? If so, then you should know about about a special event happening here at Sutherland. The annual coffee house is finally here! Friday, the 21st of February, from 6:30 to 8:30 you can come to the coffee house. The coffee house is a place to relax with a cup of coffee in one hand, and a sweet treat in the other, as you listen to students play instruments and do a wide variety of other acts. Come on out to hear and see all of the amazing acts on the schedule. The proceeds from sales will go towards the Sutherland band. Can't wait to see you there!

Anatomic Lab Field Trip

For the next three days eight seventh grade students will be going to the anatomic lab at Martha Jefferson Hospital. There, they will assist in preparing a specimen for diagnosis of potential cancerous cell growth. This will occur in a working lab, with real specimens that they will be observing. They will be rotating through a number of stations to learn all about this important field of study. These might just be our future doctors in this field! We hope they have a great time exploring and learning.
Location:Powell Creek Dr,Charlottesville,United States

Spirit week

Happy PJ day sharks! Show your school spirit by participating in the upcoming spirit days!

Tuesday: twin day, find a friend and dress alike
Wednesday: dress like someone your not
Thursday: Disney day, wear everything Disney
Friday: valentine's day, dress in red, pink, purple... Valentine' s day colors

Eighth Grade Drama Performance

Next week, on the 13th, the eighth grade drama classes will be performing. Come out and support those students! Can't wait to see you there!

Candy grams

Candy grams are still on sale at lunch. With one dollar you can send a large pixie stick to that special someone. Candy grams will be delivered in fourth block, which will be a black day next Friday. Get one while they last!


Talent show

Talent show auditions are officially over. Everyone that tried out did a FABULOUS job! We will have the results soon... Cross your fingers.
Good luck,
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8th grade formal

Attention eighth graders(again)!!! The votes are in and the theme chosen by the eighth grade was masquerade. Start picking out your dresses ladies, but remember that masks will not be allowed at this masquerade.