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Here are some more of the amazing Sutherland ICA activities...

Making frames in crafts

Jude personalizing his colorful hat!


Friday was the first ICA day of the year. ICA is an hour at the end of the school filled with activities, clubs, and games. Students always look forward to ICA!! We had karaoke, frisbee, and many other activities.

Sing your heart out at karaoke.

Ultimate frisbee... so fun!

Skating around the town with a friend.

Have fun in the sand, without traveling to the beach!

New pacer record

Congratulations Emily on beating the school pacer record. Emily beat her previous record of 96 by 2 points. Way to go!!!!!

Country Creations

Ms.Bergin's civics class has been working on creating their own countries. The purpose of the project was to gain a better understanding of the intent of a constitution. Here are a few examples...

You could live in the Country of Courtagail in one of the five districts.....

If you love sports you would love the United Sports of Athletes.......

Does having a beaver as a dictator sound fun? Live in Happyland.......