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Teachers for a Cause!

So many teachers at Sutherland shaved some pretty sweet mustaches for today's event!! Some dyed their hair...and all want to raise money for the HeadStrong Foundation!!! Good Luck in the tournament!

20th Anniversary, Cornhole, and Feast....OH MY!

Two weeks ago, Sutherland celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a luncheon for the current and former principals of the school, and teachers that have been here since the beginning!  They had a nice lunch and talked about all the changes that have gone on since 1994 when the school opened! There is a picture floating around out there and we will try to find it asap!

The Cornhole tournament was a complete success with two 8th graders winning the championship belts and TONS of money raised for a great cause.

The day before Thanksgiving break, Mr. B's and Ms. Smoak's class hosted a DELIGHTFUL and DELICIOUS feast for all that were able to attend. Guests were greeted at the door by students and asked to write what they were thankful for on a leaf and put it on the Thankful Tree. The meal was scrumptious! Well done guys!

MUSTACHE/BEARD/HAIR Madness---all for a great cause!

Teachers and students are all gearing up for a HUGE Corn Hole tournament on Friday afternoon! All of the money raised will go to childhood cancer research through the Head Strong Foundation. Male teachers have grown beards and awesome 'staches and will shave them into super creative shapes if monetary goals are met. Female teachers have agreed to color their hair BEAUTIFUL with many awesome colors if such goals are met. Here is a video encouraging one male teacher to grow a beard this month!

Pictures from the tourney and mustaches to follow! Way to go Sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spirit Day!

We had our first spirit day today and it was awesome! Each grade level dressed in a different color to show team spirit! Grades rotated from tug of war, to the amazing Omnikin game in the gym and then outside to the blacktop where students could choose from any number of games and activities or just to hang out with their friends!  We have had an amazing start to the school year!!!  Go Sharks!

Welcome Back....almost!

The teachers and staff at Sutherland are SO excited about the upcoming year!!! We can't wait for the students to come back! Orientation is on Tuesday the 19th from 10-12. Come walk through your schedule and say hello to your new teachers!
It's going to be a great year sharks!!!


The bloggers this year have had a great time posting things that have hopefully been helpful to other students. Our experience this year as bloggers, and students at Sutherland middle school has been wonderful. We hope that the new sixth, seventh, and eighth graders next year will have as much fun as we eighth graders did this year. One piece of advice that we would give to upcoming sixth, seventh, or eighth graders is don't be lazy, and try to always get your work in on time so you don't fall behind. Being in the Sutherland blog has been a awesome experience that we will never forget!

Happy Last Days of School!

From everyone here, to everyone there...have a great last week of school and a safe and wonderful summer break! Send a postcard to the Sutherland Blog and we will post them next year!

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Film Festival Follow up

Sutherland's annual film festival was held last Friday for the entire school to view. Congratulations to all the eighth grade art groups who created their very own films! They were a smashing hit. The results of the voting has not been posted yet, but stay tuned!

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8th grade field day ICA

The eight grade has also had lots of fun doing their ICA activities....

7th grade field day ICA

Field day is off to a great start! So far seventh graders have enjoyed their ICA time...

Have fun for the rest of field day! :)

Joke of the day

What's a frogs favorite soda?
Location:Powell Creek Dr,Charlottesville,United States

2014 film festival results

Congratulations to the creators of the Elevator! The elevator won the 2014 Sutherland film festival. We would like to give a big thanks to Ms. Schneider and Ms. McCullough and all other teachers that made the film festival possible.

Joke of the day

Looking for a laugh... Read the joke below

Why didn't the cashier get the punch line?

- it didn't register

Another successful 5k

Great job to everyone who participated in this years 5k! Let's all congratulate the new record holders, Jon from eighth grade who holds the boy's record of 18:58 and Ella of sixth grade who has the girl's record of 21:18.

SOL testing tips

It's that time of year again, SOL testing! Here are some tips from the bloggers...

1. Get a goodnight sleep the day before
2. Eat a protein packed breakfast the morning of
3. Stay calm and collected while taking your test

Good luck from the bloggers!



Our annual Sutherland film festival will be taking place today after the morning announcements. The eighth graders have been preparing five short films in art class all year long. They have worked very hard and we are excited to view their films. Following the viewing of the films each student will vote for their favorite movie. We will keep you posted on results. Good luck to all of the film festival participants!

Eighth grade dance reminder

Attention eighth grade students! The eighth grade dance is right around the corner. In only eight days you could be having the time of your life in the Sutherland gathering area, dancing, having some snacks, taking photos, and spending time with your friends. Come out at seven o'clock on May 10th and we'll see you there!
Location:Sutherland Middle School


Today was an ICA day at Sutherland middle school. All the kids were able to pick an activity that they liked and participate in it for the last hour of Friday. Due to rain some activities were stopped, but the kids had an hour to hang out with friends. Cornhole, flower pot decorating, art, and games were just a few of the fun activities kids chose to do for ICA.

The Toast of Sutherland

Sutherland has it's very own magazine called The Toast of Sutherland. Magazines are composed by the Design Writing class and are released monthly.

Zombie Run May 16th

Just a reminder that the SMS Zombie Run is May 16th at 6:00. If you are interested in running as a zombie or a human, the forms are in the office on the counter. If you are running as a zombie you have the option of dressing up as a zombie or for $5 extra you can have one of the volunteers zombify your face. Zombie Run t-shirt are also for sale for $10. The t-shirt are available even if you do not run the race, but want to help out in the fundraiser.  Just fill in the information about the t-shirt on the registration form.  All of the proceeds will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 
Please make all checks payable to Sutherland Middle School. Preregistration is available starting at 4:30 on May 16th. Please come early on race day to get your race number, instructions, and to get your face painted if you want that option.  Please try to have your registration done by 5:30.  The race will begin promptly at 6:00.…


There are still a few yearbooks for sale.  Yearbooks order forms can be found in the office or room C:10.  Don't wait until the end of the year to get the best Sutherland yearbook ever!

Washington DC Trip

Eighth graders in extracurricular band, art, and chorus who applied took a special trip this weekend to DC. They were gone from Friday morning to Sunday evening. The kids went to art museums, a show at Ford's Theater, to see the National Symphonic Orchestra at the Kennedy Center, and explored the streets of DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival. The chorus and band kids also performed a number of pieces, singing and playing, at the train station. The art students are putting together a documentary of the trip which will be posted on the blog as soon
as it is complete. Stay tuned!

7th Grade Science field trip with The Green Adventure Project

134 7th grade students went on an overnight field trip to Triple C camp with the Green Adventure Project.  Here is a video with some of the many highlights.  Special shout-out to the Tuesday/Wednesday group who braved the rain and below freezing temperatures!

2014 Sutherland Field Trip to Triple C Camp

Last dance for all the grades!

This Friday is the last dance open to all grades. So buy your tickets for 5 dollars each. There will be pizza, music, and a DJ who will play the latest tunes. This is your last chance to enjoy a Sutherland dance for this year! So come on out!

Save the date

SAVE THE DATE! The eighth grade dance is right around the corner! The dance will take place on Saturday, May 10th from seven to ten in the evening. Come dressed your best and have a great time. There will be music, refreshments, and photos. We hope to see all of the eighth grade students there!

Eighth Grade Dance Music

Attention eighth graders click on this link so you can request the music that will play at the eighth grade dance! All you have to do is go to this website, fill out a small form and you could help decide some of the music that plays.

Yearbook reminders!

Don't you want to remember the fabulous year you had? The Sutherland yearbooks are on the way. Remember, Sutherland yearbook order forms are due this Friday, so get yours soon! They are only $21. And is you are pretty lazy, you can submit an order online.


Join us at the dance tomorrow Friday 21st. There will be smoothies for $ 3.00 and all the regular food and drinks ranging from the usual $1.00-.25 cents! And at this dance you can even pay in cans. Instead of paying $5.00 for a ticket you can give in five cans for the food drive. The DJ will be Cle Logan. Can't wait to see you there!

Visual Arts Festival

The Visual Arts Festival is going on now! Go check out the amazing artwork that is on display at the Fashion Square Mall from March 2nd-March 16th and also at CitySpace from March 5th-March 26th. Congratulations to all the students who got to have their artwork displayed. The art is incredible and worth going to see!

Talent Show Announcement

Attention Sutherland sharks! Sutherland's annual talent show is coming up this Friday! Singing and dancing are all apart of the many talents that will be presented at the talent show. So come and enjoy a great show of talent!

Yearbook Ordering

Attention all Sutherland students. Yearbooks are now officially on sale! And what is cooler than having a memento of your year here at Sutherland? Go online to Once there, enter the pay code 70039 and purchase a yearbook for $21. March 28th, 2014 is the due date for buying a yearbook this year, so order quickly to get yours! If you don't want to order online, then stop by the office to pick a paper version of the order form today.


Sutherland Yearbooks just went on sale.  Orders can be done electronically or by paper.  Order forms are located in the office or you can visit the following site to order one: Enter pay code: 70039 Cost $21

YEARBOOK ORDER DEADLINE IS MARCH 28th.  There will be a very limited number of books to buy at the end of the year so to guarantee you get one buy now!

Library Renovations

The library has been and is still being renovated. The wall were painted, the tables and chairs were rearranged and there was a shelf/seating area on the back wall. There is even a brand new lounge area in the front of the library were you can read amazing books while still relaxing. Recently installed were two short range projectors and a 50" television. They are still working on putting more books on the back shelf and doing the finishing touches.

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Coffee House

Do you like coffee and music? If so, then you should know about about a special event happening here at Sutherland. The annual coffee house is finally here! Friday, the 21st of February, from 6:30 to 8:30 you can come to the coffee house. The coffee house is a place to relax with a cup of coffee in one hand, and a sweet treat in the other, as you listen to students play instruments and do a wide variety of other acts. Come on out to hear and see all of the amazing acts on the schedule. The proceeds from sales will go towards the Sutherland band. Can't wait to see you there!

Anatomic Lab Field Trip

For the next three days eight seventh grade students will be going to the anatomic lab at Martha Jefferson Hospital. There, they will assist in preparing a specimen for diagnosis of potential cancerous cell growth. This will occur in a working lab, with real specimens that they will be observing. They will be rotating through a number of stations to learn all about this important field of study. These might just be our future doctors in this field! We hope they have a great time exploring and learning.
Location:Powell Creek Dr,Charlottesville,United States

Spirit week

Happy PJ day sharks! Show your school spirit by participating in the upcoming spirit days!

Tuesday: twin day, find a friend and dress alike
Wednesday: dress like someone your not
Thursday: Disney day, wear everything Disney
Friday: valentine's day, dress in red, pink, purple... Valentine' s day colors

Eighth Grade Drama Performance

Next week, on the 13th, the eighth grade drama classes will be performing. Come out and support those students! Can't wait to see you there!

Candy grams

Candy grams are still on sale at lunch. With one dollar you can send a large pixie stick to that special someone. Candy grams will be delivered in fourth block, which will be a black day next Friday. Get one while they last!


Talent show

Talent show auditions are officially over. Everyone that tried out did a FABULOUS job! We will have the results soon... Cross your fingers.
Good luck,
The bloggers


8th grade formal

Attention eighth graders(again)!!! The votes are in and the theme chosen by the eighth grade was masquerade. Start picking out your dresses ladies, but remember that masks will not be allowed at this masquerade.
Attention all eighth graders. The dance results are in! It was a close vote, but this years theme is..... A masquerade! Start getting excited about the dance, since May is less than four months away!

Talent Show Shout Out

Do you have talent? If so, then you should know that the Sutherland talent show is coming up. Singing, dancing, and talents of all types will be coming together soon. Sign up in front of the cafeteria. And also, if you are an eighth grader, we are in need of MC's. Contact Mr. Schwalm or Mr. Criscione with interest. Can't wait to see what talent this year will bring!
Hey 8th Graders click on this link and pick your favorite theme for your formal dance coming up! The themes to choose from include Masquerade, Vegas, Under the Sea, Arabian Nights and Starry Nights

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