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SCA election

Recently Sutherland had our 2013-2014 SCA election. All candidates did a wonderful job campaigning! As a school we selected Jenn as our president and Morgan as our vice president. We are very excited for another great year full of spirit days and fundraisers thanks to the SCA!

Jenn(left) and Morgan(right)

Our other SCA representatives are:
Rachel... Social director
Kacie... Recording secretary
Alex... Treasurer

A Perfect Balance with Kevin Reece at the Paramount

The seventh graders at SMS went to The Paramount Theatre to watch a one act play about Alexander Calder (the inventor of the mobile) performed by Kevin Reece.  The performance focused on Alexander's struggles to find his niche in the art world and process of creating a masterpiece.  In creating his masterpiece Alexander failed numerous times but never gave up although going the easy way of doing something that had been done many time.  Through trial and error Alexander final created the mobile, and in this case Kevin created a 17ft structure that took up most of the stage.

2nd DANCE!!!!!!

We had another groovalicious dance at Sutherland, home of the sharks!!!! Students enjoyed the snazalicious music and hanging out with their friends. Join us for the next dance hosted by the sixth grade on November 16th...


7th Grade Career Expo at JPJ

The entire 7th grade went to the John Paul Jones arena on Wednesday to take part in the career expo.  All of the exhibitors did a phenomenal job of developing interactive initiatives that the students could participate in to learn what types of work they do in their field.  After getting to talk to all the exhibitors the students went to a presentation from employees at Lexis Nexis and current High School students.  The presenters from Lexis Nexis talked about work-place readiness and Albemarle what students should be working on now to make them more desirable candidates from jobs when the time comes.  They facilitated a couple of activities that they do with their employees to help with team building and communication skills.  The high school students spoke about their high school experience and what the transition was like for them going from middle school to high school.   Overall everyone had a great time.

Here is a video of just some of the exhibition booths.


The first dance of the year was a huge success. It was a hopping time, with a full crowd and tons of amazing dance moves. Keep the music moving!!!

This Friday is the next dance. Superstar DJ Cle Logan will be here dropping the hippest beats.

Show up or here's what your missing out on....


Today was the second ICA day for Sutherland! It was a rainy day here at Sutherland, so most of the activities were inside. But that didn't stop the fun from happening.
Keelin creating a magificant necklace.

Maddy making a B-E-A-utiful pot!

Basketball in the cold!