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Eighth Grade Dance Music

Attention eighth graders click on this link so you can request the music that will play at the eighth grade dance! All you have to do is go to this website, fill out a small form and you could help decide some of the music that plays.

Yearbook reminders!

Don't you want to remember the fabulous year you had? The Sutherland yearbooks are on the way. Remember, Sutherland yearbook order forms are due this Friday, so get yours soon! They are only $21. And is you are pretty lazy, you can submit an order online.


Join us at the dance tomorrow Friday 21st. There will be smoothies for $ 3.00 and all the regular food and drinks ranging from the usual $1.00-.25 cents! And at this dance you can even pay in cans. Instead of paying $5.00 for a ticket you can give in five cans for the food drive. The DJ will be Cle Logan. Can't wait to see you there!

Visual Arts Festival

The Visual Arts Festival is going on now! Go check out the amazing artwork that is on display at the Fashion Square Mall from March 2nd-March 16th and also at CitySpace from March 5th-March 26th. Congratulations to all the students who got to have their artwork displayed. The art is incredible and worth going to see!

Talent Show Announcement

Attention Sutherland sharks! Sutherland's annual talent show is coming up this Friday! Singing and dancing are all apart of the many talents that will be presented at the talent show. So come and enjoy a great show of talent!

Yearbook Ordering

Attention all Sutherland students. Yearbooks are now officially on sale! And what is cooler than having a memento of your year here at Sutherland? Go online to Once there, enter the pay code 70039 and purchase a yearbook for $21. March 28th, 2014 is the due date for buying a yearbook this year, so order quickly to get yours! If you don't want to order online, then stop by the office to pick a paper version of the order form today.


Sutherland Yearbooks just went on sale.  Orders can be done electronically or by paper.  Order forms are located in the office or you can visit the following site to order one: Enter pay code: 70039 Cost $21

YEARBOOK ORDER DEADLINE IS MARCH 28th.  There will be a very limited number of books to buy at the end of the year so to guarantee you get one buy now!