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The amazingly wonderful yearbooks will be distributed Friday June 1st. Extras can be our purchased starting on Monday, June 4th for only $25!!! Wow! What a deal!! There's a limited number of them, so bring in your money! Don't forget!!

Field day activities

Here are some pictures of field day activities, like a giraffe bounce house, bench painting, fashion design, outdoor sports, and more!

Field Day 2012

Here's a clip of some of the excitement at Sutherland today!


On the blog, we have made a goal to reach 10,000 views before the end of the 2011-2012 school year. We still have about 2,000 views to go, so, please, get on as often as possible, and tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, anyone! Check for new updates, watch new videos, and vote on new polls. THE SUTHERLAND BLOG IS THE PLACE TO BE!

New Bloggers!

HEY! Do you want to be a blogger? The Sutherland blog needs three new members, two rising eighth graders and one rising seventh.
These new bloggers need to be:

Creative, good with technology, able to get along with everyone, humorous, outgoing, intuitive, a good writer, social, MUST LOVE FISH, able to embarrass yourself on video, and an overall good hard working kid!

Talk to Mr. Schwalm to schedule an interview.

8th Grade Formal

With the 8th grade formal coming up tomorrow the bloggers put together a little video on asking someone to formal!!

Functional skills garden

The functional skills class and Mr.Schwalm's science class has worked on their lovely garden. It is flourishing beautifully. Here are some pictures of the vegetables they are growing.

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SMS 5k 2012

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2012 5k at Sutherland! It was a very challenging task but those of you who completed it should be very proud! The students trained for many months so that they could be in the best condition possible for the race.
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Today was the 5k! Many students have been training for a couple months and they wouldn't let a little rain stop them! For the boys, the fastest time was run by Stephen with a time of 20:45, and for the girls, Lindsey got the time of 21:04. Congratulations!

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