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Spelling Bee Results

Today was the Sutherland Spelling Bee! Our winner is Roshan, with Hailey in second place.

Hailey, a seventh grader, was awarded second place at the word baccalaureate. She said she was happy with the results of the contest.

Roshan, a sixth grader, won on the word delicatessen. He had been in the Spelling Bee every year since third grade. He will move on to the County Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to all contestants in the Spelling Bee! And good luck to Roshan in the County Bee!

Drama Performance Rescheduling

For 8th grade drama classes there are dress rehearsal and performance date changes.

January 24th changed to February 11th: black day top rehearsal
January 28th changed to February 12th: black day bottom rehearsal
January 29th changed to February 13th: teal day rehearsal
January 30th changed to February 20th: black day performance
January 31st changed to February 21st: teal day performance

Upcoming Schedule

This week we have two half days because of the high school exams. On Wednesday and Thursday we leave at one o'clock and we do not have school on Friday or Monday (Martin Luther King Day). Enjoy your time off!

Sutherland Geography Bee Winner

Ashwin, a 7th grader, won the Geography Bee. He has studied geography since 4th grade and has made the Geography Bee before. Soon he will be attending regionals, and maybe even states. The Sutherland Bee went into overtime between Brennan and Ashwin. Congratulations, and best of luck in your next competitions!

The Cultural Celebration

February 1st is the 2013 Cultural Celebration. You can do a project, dress up, and watch or be a part of the parade! See Ms. Asoline in C-8 for more details or to get a registration form. Also remember that students in Ms. Asoline's class get extra credit for participating. To do the project, you must select a country to represent and create an exhibition to show during the celebration.

Don't be left behind!

Volleyball form

Volleyball registration forms are now available!! Forms are located on the table outside of the cafeteria . If you want to play, fill out a form quickly because they only allow 80 students and spots fill up quickly!! It is $60 for a season and the deadline is January 17th. All girls show up January 28th and 29th for tryouts. There is an A, B, C, and D team on both days. You can either do it Tuesday and Thursdays or Monday and Wednesday! Make sure you have all the gear you need for tryouts! Practice time Is 4:10-5:45. It is a lot of fun so try out!!