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Jazz Band Concert

Last week, the jazz band concert was amazing!!  It had some great music and was lots of fun to listen to!  Mr. Gregg had an awesome solo!  Congrats to all the jazz performers, you did a great job!

T-Shirt Winner!!

If you see Austin in the hallway, congratulate him on winning the blog t-shirt!  Many surveys were turned in, and the drawing was very intense.  Finally Austin can have some stylish clothing.  Keep a eye out for future blog shirt give-aways! Thanks to all of those who participated.

This week, we interviewed our substitutes Mr. Tyler Wilson and Mr. Kenny Swabb on the spread of the flu. There has been rumors that they have been purposely spreading the flu in order to get more substitute work. Although they denied all accusations, here are some ways YOU can stop the flu from being spread. :)

Wash your hands often (especially after you sneeze or cough)

Get good sleep

Go to a doctor's office and get your flu vaccine

Drink lots of water (" Hydration is the key!"- Kenny Swabb)

7th Grade Language Arts Project

The 7th grade language arts classes had a Seder dinner and a gallery walk about World War II. The gallery walk introduced them to Devil's Arithmetic, the book they were about to read. The Seder Dinner was to show you what a Seder Dinner from Passover was like. The food at the dinner was traditional Jewish food so it was very cool to try the different food that they ate. These activities helped explain what happened in the book.

Reflex Math Fluency

Think fast! 12+9, 5x8, 16/4! Were you able to get each fact in under a second? As students and parents alike know, many SMS math classes are beginning to use Reflex as a teaching resource to help kids learn their math facts, so they will be able to answer any question automatically. 

From the Reflex math website, "Reflexis a game-based system that helps students of all ability levels to develop instant recall of their basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). 
Math Fact Fluency is the quick and effortless (automatic) recall of basic math facts." 

The students have to answer math facts to go through the games, which are listed below. They can create an avatar, buy accessories, and grow a math fact tree.

Last Chance for a FREE T-Shirt !!!!!

We would like you to fill out this blog survey below to see how well we're doing. Students, if you do, you have the chance to win a free, official SMS Blog t-shirt! The t-shirt will be given away on Friday so hurry.

The SCA is having a scavenger hunt and it ends next Friday (Dec. 14).  The items will be donated to various organizations.  If you bring in items you will receive prizes.
4 Quarters dated in the 80's or 4 state Quarter (substitution: $1.00 in change dated in the 80's)
1 gently used college t-shirt in child or adult size
1 box of tissues
1 dozen of #2 pencils (substitution: a dozen pens in any color)
1 can of veggies or soup 26 ounces or greater (substitution: 2 cans that add up to 26 ounces or greater.)
1 box of Mac-N-Cheese, packet of noodle, or rice mix
5 box tops 
10 soda can tops
1 piece of old technology: phone, video game, movies, etc.
1 gently worn pair of child or adult shoes
1 SPCA item- blanket, toy, or food
1 flavor packet for a 16 oz bottle of water
If you bring in:
1-3: ring pop 4-6: skittles 7-9: large chocolate bar or bag of skittles 10-12:  Ice Cream coupon 12:  Raffle Ticket for iPod Touch  Each additional 3 items- 1 more raffle ticket

Pajama day!


Nerd day!


Wacky tacky day


Cornhole Tournament

There was a very successful cornhole tournament on Friday. Yet, out of 44 teams Chris and Sam took home the belt!! We raised 1600 dollars for the HEADStrong Foundation to help the study of cancer.  Thank you for all those who helped out with the cause!