The SCA is having a scavenger hunt and it ends next Friday (Dec. 14).  The items will be donated to various organizations.  If you bring in items you will receive prizes.

4 Quarters dated in the 80's or 4 state Quarter
(substitution: $1.00 in change dated in the 80's)

1 gently used college t-shirt in child or adult size

1 box of tissues

1 dozen of #2 pencils
(substitution: a dozen pens in any color)

1 can of veggies or soup 26 ounces or greater
(substitution: 2 cans that add up to 26 ounces or greater.)

1 box of Mac-N-Cheese, packet of noodle, or rice mix

5 box tops 

10 soda can tops

1 piece of old technology: phone, video game, movies, etc.

1 gently worn pair of child or adult shoes

1 SPCA item- blanket, toy, or food

1 flavor packet for a 16 oz bottle of water

If you bring in:

1-3: ring pop
4-6: skittles
7-9: large chocolate bar or bag of skittles
10-12:  Ice Cream coupon
12:  Raffle Ticket for iPod Touch 
Each additional 3 items- 1 more raffle ticket

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