The Phantom of the Bell Tower Mystery

The Mr. Taylor's sixth grade class was solving a mystery. Each group was working as a detective agency. They had to answer three questions to help them to guess who the phantom was. Mr.Taylor's students used their math skills to decipher clues left in newspaper articles, journals, and maps from the town. They used measurement skills, pattern skills, reading skills, and inference skills.

The story of the Phantom; a strange man handed wrote a warning note to an old women. It turns out that the man was Jonathan Barber, a pastor for a church. A real estate agency told them to sell the property of the church to them. Jonathan barber said no. But a secret committee voted yes to sell it. The whole thing was a scam and it eventually shut down the church. Now all of the people who voted yes got threatening notes. The strange man looked exactly like Jacob Barber, but the newspaper said he died seventeen years ago! The students used this story and other resources to predict the conclusion.

The three questions were:
Who is the phantoms victim this time?
Can we get to the church in time to take a picture of the phantom?
Which route should we take?

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