Mustache Madness: An interview with Mr. Criscione

What is mustache madness?
-A fundraiser started by a UVA lacrosse player.

What is the purpose?
-To raise money to find a cure for cancer.

How can we help/ participate?
-There will be a Juett Vs. Sutherland faculty volleyball game here at Sutherland: tickets will be 2 dollars and proceeds will go to cancer research.

-We are holding a raffle at Sutherland, buy a mustache ticket for a dollar and you can have the chance to win amazing prizes. The community has done an amazing job supporting us with donations from:
* Sweet Frog
* Game Stop
* Target
* Five Guys
* Chik-Fil-A
* Timberwood Grill
* Riverside North
* Martin's Grill
* Starbucks
* Crutchfield
* Shenanigans
* Baja Bean

Our goal is to raise $1500 to donate towards cancer research.  Several of the male faculty have volunteered to grow "unique" mustaches to support the cause.  After the fundraiser was over the donations were counted and... we raised $1,547.50 towards research! Way to go sharks!


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