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8th grade field day ICA

The eight grade has also had lots of fun doing their ICA activities....

7th grade field day ICA

Field day is off to a great start! So far seventh graders have enjoyed their ICA time...

Have fun for the rest of field day! :)

Joke of the day

What's a frogs favorite soda?
Location:Powell Creek Dr,Charlottesville,United States

2014 film festival results

Congratulations to the creators of the Elevator! The elevator won the 2014 Sutherland film festival. We would like to give a big thanks to Ms. Schneider and Ms. McCullough and all other teachers that made the film festival possible.

Joke of the day

Looking for a laugh... Read the joke below

Why didn't the cashier get the punch line?

- it didn't register

Another successful 5k

Great job to everyone who participated in this years 5k! Let's all congratulate the new record holders, Jon from eighth grade who holds the boy's record of 18:58 and Ella of sixth grade who has the girl's record of 21:18.

SOL testing tips

It's that time of year again, SOL testing! Here are some tips from the bloggers...

1. Get a goodnight sleep the day before
2. Eat a protein packed breakfast the morning of
3. Stay calm and collected while taking your test

Good luck from the bloggers!



Our annual Sutherland film festival will be taking place today after the morning announcements. The eighth graders have been preparing five short films in art class all year long. They have worked very hard and we are excited to view their films. Following the viewing of the films each student will vote for their favorite movie. We will keep you posted on results. Good luck to all of the film festival participants!

Eighth grade dance reminder

Attention eighth grade students! The eighth grade dance is right around the corner. In only eight days you could be having the time of your life in the Sutherland gathering area, dancing, having some snacks, taking photos, and spending time with your friends. Come out at seven o'clock on May 10th and we'll see you there!
Location:Sutherland Middle School