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Jefferson on the streets

This is our new Jefferson on the street with Mrs. Shifflett.

NASA visitor

Toast week, a speaker from the NASA Langley branch, spoke to the 8th grade science students. Beth Plentovich informed the students about the rising temperature of the Earth. She charismatically pointed out the dramatic changes that the Earth has been suffering through for the last few years. Also, she gave advice on what anyone can do to reduce the amount of energy we waste every day. Every little environmentally friendly way you change what you do every day could have a significant impact on the Earth for the future.

Crazy Driver

The students also tried out this challenging game; crazy driver!

Nail and Face Painting

The nail and face painting station is very popular... With ALL of the students!

Donut Walk

The students are winning great tasting donut at the donut walk!

Airbrush Tattoos

Here are some pictures of the awesome airbrush tattoos the students are getting for only a dollar!

Here are some shots of the crowded jail house, where trouble makers are doing some hard time. Their friends could put them in for fifty cents or you could get put in by not following the rules. You can get out with a bail of fifty cents, or just wait ten minutes.

These are the kids having some bouncy house fun!

Location:Powell Creek Dr,Charlottesville,United States


The 19th annual carnival is finally here! These are some pictures of the super exited students waiting to enter the haunted house.

Jefferson on the Streets featuring Ms. Rainey

Another weekly Jefferson on the Streets with Ms. Rainey, the coordinator of the 19th annual Sutherland carnival!

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19th Annual Carnival

Sutherland Middle School is having its annual carnival, on Friday February 24. The games are from 6:00 to 8:30, with a dance starting at 8:45 and ending at 10:00. The entrance fee is $15, which includes admission to all games, activities, and of course, the dance. Pick up one of the hot pink pamphlets in the office for a list of all the available games (such as airbrush tattoos, the donut walk, and the ever popular HAUNTED HOUSE!) and eligibility reminders (Bring in those overdue library books and behave!) Eighth graders should enter through the eighth grade wing entrance, seventh graders through the main entrance, and sixth graders through the cafeteria main door. Concession will be sold, prices ranging from $1.00 to $2.50.

The blog will be giving live updates for all those who are unable to attend so be sure to keep refreshing the blog page!
Location:Sutherland Middle School


Mr. Schwalm's first semester science class wanted to adopt acres of land in Brazil to try and preserve the rainforest. Each member of the class (could have) brought in a dollar or two to raise the money. Their goal was four acres, but the students wanted to help the planet so much, that they made enough money to adopt FIVE acres! Why did they want to adopt so much land? In the rainforest, there are many unique animals and plants that are found no where else in the whole world. Some scientists and doctors found that some of these rare creatures can be used in medical treatments. Every second, a rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed. If we want to preserve these unique creatures, we need to preserve the rain forests. Not to mention that the plants in the rain forests produce 20% of all the Earth's oxygen. The rain forests are important and we can help kept them safe by adopting acres. If you want to know more, visit SaveNature.Org.

Black Bear Composting

Thanks to Black Bear Composting, Sutherland will be composting! Food waste and milk cartons will be allowed to be composted. This allows the school to become more environmentally friendly. Composting benefits everyone, here are some examples:

Build Healthy Soil- return nutrients to the soil to grow more food
Save Resources- save landfill space for true garbage - wastes with no further use
Reduce Greenhouse Gases- organics decomposing in landfills create methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than CO2
Show That You Care- people like to support businesses that support their community
Lower Your Costs- recycling organics reduces your trash collection needs _ dumpster size and frequency of pick-ups

Band Concert

The 8th grade band and the multiple award-winning Sutherland jazz band performed last week in front of a crowd of about 600. The crowd consisted of teachers, students, and other staff members. They performed songs from generations of different music. Here is a video of the Sutherland band and jazz band!

Compost and gardens

The functional skills class is making a garden. They will grow lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and other veggies. They already made a compost bin, because they cook each week in class, and now they can dispose of the left overs in a more earth friendly way. They measured, drilled, and created the compost box on their own. They will be growing the seeds in their classroom and will transplant the sprouts to the garden when it warms up, in the spring. Sarah's favorite part of the activity is that they can plant food. Autumn liked "to get dirty!" Two thumbs up to this earth friendly class!

Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so grab a Valentine's Day themed ETC magazine.  While you read, munch on your delicious roses that came with the candy grams that were being sold by the SCA last week.

Talent Show Sneak Peak!

Come out to Sutherland on March 9th at 2:30 to see some very talented sharks.  Here is a sneak peak at some of the students who auditioned to be in the talent show.  Congratulations to all that made it this year and break a leg on March 9th!!

What's New with the SCA

The SCA will be selling Candy grams for $1 during each lunch until Friday, February 10th.  They will be given to those special friends on Tuesday, February 14th during shark time.       The SCA will also be sponsoring the dance this Friday, February 10th, with Cle Logan as a DJ and Tropical Smoothies. There also will be a can drive there. If you bring in two small cans that are less than thirty ounces or one big can more than thirty ounces, you can get a free slice of pizza and a drink. So if you are looking for a fun place to spend with you friends the Friday before Valentines day, come to the dance!        The Pennies for Parkinson's fundraiser will begin on February 14th and end on March 2nd.  This year the grade levels will compete against each other to win an ice cream sandwich party.  SCA would like to have four teachers from each grade level to be the grade level representatives to actually collect the donations. The more pennies we collect, the better!

Fabulous Fashions

This is Hannah, another fabulous fashionista. She describes her style as "Comfy,marvelous, and fantastico." This seventh grader at Sutherland has unparalleled style.


During ICA on Friday the 3rd, Girls Excited about Math and Science or GEMS, had the scrumptious smell of baked goods wafting out of the door. The girls enthusiastically baked delicious morsels for the class. The girls had to work together and calculate how much of each ingredient was necessary using their mathematic skills. Here to give you a better idea of the scenario are some pictures.

Location:Powell Creek Dr,Charlottesville,United States

ICA: Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day is coming up, so our students had an opportunity to make lovable crafts for those special individuals during the ICA period on the third.


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Fabulous Fashions: Izzy

This is Izzy's fabulous fashion! Here at Sutherland we have very diverse students, and we want to show you some of them. If Izzy had to pick three words to describe her style,(which she did) she would pick sophisticated, fun, and comfy! This is just one student of SMS, so keep reading for more Fabulous Fashion posts!

Jefferson on the Streets

Another one of our weekly Jefferson on the Streets with Jefferson and two 8th graders.