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New Bloggers!

The interviews are in, and the new bloggers have been chosen! Congratulations to Sara, Kathryn, and Lauren as the new eighth grade bloggers! And to Nan, who has followed in her sister Madison's (a former Sutherland blogger) footsteps, as our intern. Sorry to all those who tried out and didn't make it, and to all those who missed the deadline. Good luck to the new bloggers next year!

It's Summer!!!!!!

Happy summer vacation! Have a great break, and students, we'll see you next year!

7th Science Field Trip

Some of the 7th grade science students went on a field trip with the Green Adventure Project at Triple C Camp.  Here is a video with some of the highlights of the trip.

For more information on programs the Green Adventure Project offers visit:

Curriculum fair

The curriculum fair took place at 5:30 June 5th. Here are some pictures from the event.

Location:Sutherland Middle School

Hollymead Lake Nature Trail

Here is a video describing a project that Mr. Schwalm and Mr. Coleman's 7th grade science classes have been working on.  To see the signs visit the Hollymead Nature Trail around Hollymead Lake.