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ICA Activities


Spirit week

Next week is spirit week! Geek squad day, Twin day wacky tacky day, pajama day, and whiteout day! Keep posted for pictures!

Blog Survey/ T-Shirt Give Away!!!

Hey Readers! We would like you to fill out this blog survey below to see how well we're doing. Students, if you do, you have the chance to win a free, official SMS Blog t-shirt!

Black light dance

On Friday, December 7th there is the black light dance! There will be dance contests with prizes. Wear a white shirt (if you would like) and decorate it with highlighters. Admission is $5, and snacks and drinks are available for purchase. It is from 4 to 6:00. This is one of the most popular dances of the year, so you don't want to miss it!

Cornhole Tournament

After school on Friday, November 30th SMS will be hosting the Cornhole To Crush Cancer Tournament. It's $10 per team, and you can turn your money in to mr. Schwalm, Mrs. Parmiter, or Mr. Criscione. If you don't want to play but still support this great cause, come on out. Admission is $1 or two canned goods to people not playing in the tournament; free to people in the tournament. There will be food, drink, music, computer lab, and half the gym open to play basketball. All proceeds go to the HEADStrong Foundation to help fight cancer.

date: November 30th Time: 4:00-6:00 pm

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Talk to Mr. Criscione or Mrs. Saxon

Animal Evolution Project

A Successful Open House!

Today the functional skills class hosted an Open House Thanksgiving Feast to celebrate the season and thank all that have helped them throughout the year.  The gathering got rave reviews from all whom attended, Mrs. Lamm stated that "the food there was much better than I could ever dream of cooking up".

Thank you for all that helped pull off this wonderful event, here is a video showing the amazing spread along with some of the highlights!


The girls on the SMS Albemarle Girl's Feild Hockey League did an awesome job in their tournaments! Check out this video to learn more!

Thanksgiving day feast

Mrs. Pfaff's and Mr. Briesemeister's class are preparing a Thanksgiving meal for themselves, as well as for teachers and administrators on Tuesday, November 20th. The students created the menu and went shopping for the food items. They have put together this meal to thank all of those that have helped out in their classroom.

Video Book Reports

Mr. Munsey's Language Arts class decided to do something new this year.  Instead of doing regular book reports on paper, they are doing video book reports. All the content of a regular book report is put into a video. It is put onto a QR code and is posted in the front of the book! So next time you go to the library...check it out!!

Check out a student's video book report at:

New Feature!

For all of our readers from other countries, a new feature has been added. If you look at the bottom of our page, there is a Google Translate drop down menu. This allows you to change the SMS Blog into other languages!

Students in Sra. Asoline's spanish class have reading spanish as a homework assignment. If you have this assignment, a helpful tip would be to read our blog in Spanish, and get your homework done while having fun, and learning about what's going on in your school.

Escuela Viewpoint

The new school magazine, Escuela Viewpoint, is now released. Students wrote stories about the beach, Halloween costumes, celebrity gossip, White House ghosts, homework advice, video games, fashion, chicken-road jokes, and more!

Mustaches are growing!

As some might have noticed there is a little more facial hair these days at Sutherland. Mustache Madness has started again with the purpose of raising money to support cancer research. Students can help the cause by buying mustache raffle tickets which will be sold for a dollar at lunch. The raffle ticket will give them a chance to win some amazing prizes that were donated by some local businesses. Another bonus to buying the mustache raffle tickets is that once certain amounts have been raised teachers will be required to sport a mustache to school on Dec. 1st. As some may recall from last year there were many creative 'staches here at Sutherland, including Mr.Guy's amazing fu-man-chu and Mr. Crow's sweet handlebars! (

Here are some pictures showing just some of the wonderful prizes.

- Stay tuned for more information regarding Sutherland's Mustache Madness

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