Mustaches are growing!

As some might have noticed there is a little more facial hair these days at Sutherland. Mustache Madness has started again with the purpose of raising money to support cancer research. Students can help the cause by buying mustache raffle tickets which will be sold for a dollar at lunch. The raffle ticket will give them a chance to win some amazing prizes that were donated by some local businesses. Another bonus to buying the mustache raffle tickets is that once certain amounts have been raised teachers will be required to sport a mustache to school on Dec. 1st. As some may recall from last year there were many creative 'staches here at Sutherland, including Mr.Guy's amazing fu-man-chu and Mr. Crow's sweet handlebars! (

Here are some pictures showing just some of the wonderful prizes.

- Stay tuned for more information regarding Sutherland's Mustache Madness

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