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Harlem Shake

During their lunch period, the eighth graders got all dressed up and performed the Harlem Shake.

This is the blog video taped version, not the REAL version, so don't worry! The real version may not be finished for a while, so be patient. 

Harlem Shake

Reminder to all eighth grade students! The Harlem Shake video taping will be at lunch tomorrow,the 26th. Bring random objects, costumes, props, etc. for the video. No inappropriate props or dancing. Be safe while dancing. If one person doesn't follow the rules, the video will be deleted and there will be no second chance, so be safe and appropriate!

Yearbook Reminder

Yearbooks are a fun way to remember your friends, so order your own 2012-1230 yearbook. Yearbook money is due soon, so get your money in to gets your yearbook!

Contracts for the Talent Show

Participants in the talent show should pick up contracts as soon as possible.

The masters of ceremony for the talent show should also turn in their contracts as soon as possible.

Power plant trip

The eighth grade is going on a trip to the Lake Anna power plant tomorrow, February 21st. Don't worry, they will not be going to the reactor itself, but the information center. Bring a packed lunch (no glass or microwavable food), your science notebook, and a pencil. Electronics and heavy coats should be left on the buses.


The Annual Sutherland Carnival has been postponed until March 15th. The eighth black day performance has also been postponed until the 28th of February!

Carnival fun

This year at the Sutherland Carnival there is a wide selection of games, activities, and food. The carnival is from 6 to 10 pm, games are from 6 to 8:30, and the dance is from 8:45 to 10 pm. The entrance fee is $20, including admission to activities and the dance. Concessions range from $1 to $2.50. Some of the games are: Donut Walk, Haunted House, Jail, Wrecking Ball, and Boot Camp Obstacle Course, but there is much more!! Hope to see you there!

Talent Show Auditions

There is lots of talent at our school! Here are some clips of the different acts.

Jefferson is dead

Sadly, our blog fish, Jefferson, has passed away. He died on January 22nd, over some snow days. He was a blue beta fish, and lived ever since the blog started. He was a wonderful fish, and we will miss him. You can email us at if you want to give us suggestions for a name for a new fish. Or you can vote on the poll! Thanks!


Yearbooks are for sale online until March 1st.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter your school code 60231 and click next

Step 3: Buy a yearbook for $21.00

Band Concert

The Eighth Grade Band preformed today during school. All students were able to watch, and were impressed by how good their friends sounded. The award winning Sutherland Jazz Band also preformed. Some of their songs included Absolutely Positively, Cantaloupe Island, and Sombrero Sam. They have a lot of competitions coming up, so be ready to cheer them on! Good job Sutherland bands!

Talent show acts

- Grace, dancing
- Grace, singing the cup song
- Nan, singing and playing guitar
- Andrea, Katie, Hunter, Brianna, and Megan, singing
- Laura and Megan, gymnastic routine
- Alyssa, ballet
- Eva and Natalie, skit
- Siorcanna Singers, singing
- Alex, clarinet
- Reggie, Jenna, Sam, Anthony, Jake, playing jazz
- Mackenzie, Jane, Leticia, Brooke, Angie, and Caroline, dancing
- Leah, singing
- Maddie and Sarah, piano and singing
- Wyatt, Sefian, and Kevin, singing and guitar

Congratulations to all who tried out for the talent show! Sutherland has amazing talent!!! Remember, if you made it to fill out the contract and return it to Ms. Rife by the day listed on the contract or else you can't perform. So get it in!

County Spelling Bee winner

Congratulations to the Sutherland representative, Roshan, for winning the Countywide Spelling Bee! He will move on to the District Bee soon!

Talent Tryouts

Today and tomorrow, February 5 and 6 are the talent show tryouts, from 4-6 pm. Good luck in your auditions students!