Talent show acts

- Grace, dancing
- Grace, singing the cup song
- Nan, singing and playing guitar
- Andrea, Katie, Hunter, Brianna, and Megan, singing
- Laura and Megan, gymnastic routine
- Alyssa, ballet
- Eva and Natalie, skit
- Siorcanna Singers, singing
- Alex, clarinet
- Reggie, Jenna, Sam, Anthony, Jake, playing jazz
- Mackenzie, Jane, Leticia, Brooke, Angie, and Caroline, dancing
- Leah, singing
- Maddie and Sarah, piano and singing
- Wyatt, Sefian, and Kevin, singing and guitar

Congratulations to all who tried out for the talent show! Sutherland has amazing talent!!! Remember, if you made it to fill out the contract and return it to Ms. Rife by the day listed on the contract or else you can't perform. So get it in!

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