8th Grade Superlatives

Congratulations to our superlative winners!! It was a very tight contest in all categories! You can find their pictures in the fabulous yearbook; along with many other amazing pictures!!!

Most Fashionable: Sam and Isabella
Most Likely to be President: Benji And Sydney Winterton
Most likely to be in the Olympics: Austin and Aiyanah
Most musically talented: Anthony and Maddie
Most likely to be a millionaire: Benji and Hannah P.
Most spirited: Gage and Aiyanah
Best smile: Drew and Lauren
Best friends: Chip & Jack B. and Kathryn, Lauren & Sara M.
Most likely to have a talk show: Yuri and Caroline
Most photogenic: Drew and Leticia

Be sure to buy a yearbook, they are on sale for only a few more days! Forms available in the office.

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