4th Amendment and Juvenile Rights

Ms.Bergin's 3rd block Civics class was read their rights today.... well more of informed of their rights. Sgt. Wilkins from the Albemarle police department visited their class today to discuss the 4th amendment and juvenile rights. He enthusiastically explained his job and how it relates to the 4th Amendment. The students went from yawns to laughs. Sgt. Wilkins taught the students much while making sure they enjoyed it. He was very charismatic when he told stories that happened to him and hypothetical instances. The students stayed on the edge of their seats while listening to him speak. He told a very suspenseful story of about when he was facing a life or death situation. The students loved the thought of the thrill of being so close to death and yet being so powerful. Let's see how many of those students turn out to be cops! But first they will have to listen to Ms. Bergin and study the 2nd Amendment.

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