Sprout Film Festival

The whole seventh grade went to the sprout film festival, on Friday March 9th. The festival's theme was "making the invisible visible." They watched different videos, one was "my turn, your turn," which was about saying hello to different people thought the day, and how good it makes them feel. Another video was about the students in the enrichment program at Ivy Creek. "Champion" was about Special Olympics Swimmer, and was a video of his amazing talent for swimming. "Deedah" was a sweet story about a brother and sister who love each other very much. The brother, Jonathan, has down syndrome, and when he was little, he nicknamed his sister Deedah. It tells about Jonathan's learning disabilities and his relationship with his family and friends. "Q & A" was an animation story about a young boy with a disability, who asked his mom about his life, and how other people see him. "How's your news" was about a disabled people interviewing democrat and republican politicians. The next video had people with intellectual disabilities being asked what they would change about their selves. It was called "One question." The last show was a music video, of a band called Rudely Interrupted, which is made up completely of people with learning and intellectual disabilities.

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